Sarah Albon

2 Watling Mansions
Watling Street



In 2002 I left The Weston, and indeed left home to pursue an academic career.  I spent 3 years at the University of Nottingham where I achieved a first class Honours degree in Biology.  Whilst at University I learnt Latin & Ballroom Dancing as well as Street Jazz and performed in a the yearly dance shows; however not nearly as elaborate and well organized as the Weston ones! Still it was fun to learn new styles of dance and keep fit and reasonably flexible.  I graduated from Nottingham in 2005 and travelled Australia for 6 weeks before moving to North London to start training as a Clinical Scientist in Immunology at the Royal Free Hospital.  Now 2 and a half years through my training, I am nearly qualified and am about to take Msc exams in June for a Masters in Medical Immunology.  I have moved out of London into Hertfordshire with my boyfriend because I prefer the countryside.  Because of work and MSc commitments by dancing is almost non-existent but not for long..!. next week I am starting Ceroc lessons, a style of dance which is a mixture of salsa and jive and sounds like a lot of fun.  There are lessons available all over the country.

I miss ballet but lower back problems have prevented me from taking it up again, still, I don't regret having worked so hard at it and achieving all my Standards between the ages of 5 and 18.

Updated April 2008