Nick Wheatley

Sandford House
Sandford Mill Road

01245 478187

1985 ish

Although I was only a pupil of the school for a few years I feel like I never really left, what with Elisabeth & Geoff running the school - I still get involved on the odd occasion!
I work full time in theatre as the Deputy Production Manager of the Civic & Cramphorn Theatres in Chelmsford.  I do all things technical & work many, varied hours in both the office & directly on shows.  If I had anything resembling regular hours I would probably still be a pupil at the school now!
Despite being fairly fit & extreemly active (as well as spending a lot of time up ladders & moving equipment in my spare time I cycle & run a fair bit), I managed to have a (thankfully mild) MI in Oct 2008.  I've not let it slow me down much & am already back running 20+ miles per week - yes, under supervision!
I'm divorced nowadays & live in a house at an old waterworks with my dog, Sky.

Updated March 2009